Hearing Loss

Individuals who seek treatment for their hearing
loss sees improvements in all aspects of their lives.

Deafness and hearing loss

Hearing aid suitable for a person’s life style & requirement will be prescribed after assessing the severity & configuration of hearing loss. A free trial of hearing aids from a wide range of WIDEX digital hearing aids available at the centre will be given to assess the benefit of hearing aid and its cosmetic appeal. Hearing aids are programmed through a computer according to the hearing loss of each individual patient & his routine. Models available are


Unclear Speech which cannot be understood by most people.

Poor scholastic performance.

Often respond to a question with an unrelated answer.

Prefer the TV or music systems to be kept louder than others in the family.

Seems to be inattentive at home or school,

Repeated ear infections.

Responds inconsistently to sound"Use gestures to communicate.

Do not communicate as other children of same age.

Often ask for things to be repeated"Seems to watch your face closely when you talk.

Early detection

Each child s development has its own pace and is found to be different from the other. Early detection is important to your child’s long term development; you should have your child’s hearing tested as soon as possible if you suspect a problemA child is never too young for the hearing to be tested. A child s hearing can be tested at any age, if you suspect hearing loss, the sooner you test the better. This is because hearing is an essential tool for learning speech and the most critical period for this learning is between birth and 3yearsIf you think your child may have a hearing loss, its natural to be concerned.

Diagonization & Treatment

Consult your ENT specialist & Audiologist at Widex Audiology & Siemens Hearing Care .An ENT specialist who is specialized in diagnosing and treating diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat will determine whether your child’s hearing loss is treatable with medicine or surgery. An Audiologist is specialized in measuring hearing loss, diagnosing the disorder and in rehabilitating non medically treatable hearing disorders. A hearing test is a simple and painless way to check whether your child is getting the absolute most out of the world around him or her.

Why Care Plus Audiology?

Our commitment is to provide quality affordable Speech and Hearing speciality service to our patients in a patient friendly atmosphere. Care Plus is the only approved WIDEX official dealer and digital hearing aid fitting centre in Telicherry.

Frequently asked questions

According to WHO (2018) data, the prevalence of hearing impairment in India is around 6.3% ,63 million people suffer from significant hearing loss . The estimated prevalence of adult-onset deafness in India is 7.6% and childhood-onset deafness is 2%. The prevalence of hearing loss increases with age, among those older than 60 years, over 25% are affected by disabling hearing loss. Studies show that around 11% of children at any time may experience temporary or permenant hearing loss which can be only identified by routine hearing tests. In that 4 in every 1000 children suffer from severe to profound hearing loss. Studies show that every year, over 100,000 babies are born with hearing loss in India.

Some forms of hearing loss can be inherited. Not all inherited forms of
hearing loss take place at birth, however; some can show up later in life. For
example, otosclerosis, which is thought to be a hereditary disease, disrupts
hearing later in life as an abnormal growth of bone prevents structures within
the ear from working properly. Typically, hearing loss caused by otosclerosis
doesn’t begin until 10 to 30 years of age.

Noise plays a major role in hearing loss. In fact, frequent exposure to loud
noises is one of the most common causes of hearing loss, because high-
decibel noises can permanently damage the inner ear. It also contributes to
tinnitus (a ringing, roaring, clicking, hissing, or buzzing sound in the ears).
Some people experience both hearing and tinnitus due to a combination of
noise exposure and advanced age. We measure the intensity, or loudness, of
a sound in units called decibels (dB). An ordinary conversation with a friend
will reach approximately 60 dB, while the noises produced by city traffic can
reach up to 85 dB. A firecracker can reach an ear-piercing 150 dB! Noises that
reach 85 dB or above can permanently damage the inner ear, leading to
hearing loss.

Noise-induced hearing loss is 100 percent preventable. The loudness of a
sound and the length of your exposure to it will impact the severity of
damage possible. To protect your hearing, avoid noises at or above 85 dB,
including lawnmowers, snowblowers, motorcycles, firecrackers, and loud

Hearing protection yellow ear muffs
Reduce the sound if you can, or wear ear protection if you cannot for example, lower the volume on personal stereo systems and televisions. When
you cannot escape or reduce noise, wear earplugs or other hearing protection
devices. If you are a parent, protect your children’s ears as well.

1) Do you often ask people to repeat what they have said?

2) Do you often feel that people are “mumbling” or speaking unclearly

3) Do you have problems understanding people even though you have heard

4) Do your family members complain that you play the radio or television too

5) Have your family members/colleagues/friends asked you whether you have
hearing problems?

6) During conversations in the car, restaurant, or any another noisy place, do
you often misunderstand what is being said?

7) Do you often experience problems hearing and understanding what other
people are saying to you when you do not have eye contact or problems in
locating sounds?

8) Do you have trouble hearing on the telephone / understanding rapid
speech or unexpected conversation?

9) Do you experience ringing in your ears (Tinnitus)?

“If your answer is “yes” to 3 or more questions, you may have a hearing
problem. Please visit ENT specialist /Audiologist at Reems Audiology Clinic
Siemens Signia Hearing Care, a Best Sound Centre in Kannur and get your
hearing checked.”

People with hearing loss often struggle to fully participate in everyday life. They may mistake words in a conversation, miss directions or warnings, or leave a ringing doorbell unanswered. Older people who can’t hear well may experience depression or choose to withdraw from others to avoid feeling frustrated or embarrassed that they cannot understand what is being said. In addition, they may become suspicious of relatives or friends who they believe “mumble” or “don’t speak up” on purpose. Hearing loss can isolate older people and may even put them in harm’s way if they are unable to respond to warnings or hear sounds of impending danger. Sometimes people mistakenly assume that an older person is confused, unresponsive, or uncooperative because they don’t hear well.

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