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Hearing aids with latest features bluetooth, automatic noise reduction & multiple channels.


Hearing aid suitable for a person’s life style & requirement will be prescribed after assessing the severity & configuration of hearing loss. A free trial of hearing aids from a wide range of WIDEX digital hearing aids available at the centre will be given to assess the benefit of hearing aid and its cosmetic appeal. Hearing aids are programmed through a computer according to the hearing loss of each individual patient & his routine. Models available are

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Behind the Ear (BTE)

BTE aids sit behind or on top of the outer ear with tubing that routes the sound down into the ear canal via a custom-fit earmold or a dome style that doesn’t block the entire ear canal opening.

Body level or Pocket Type

ITC hearing aids sit in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl, making them comfortable and easy to use. Because they’re slightly larger than IIC and CIC styles, they tend to have a slightly longer battery life and can fit a wider range of hearing losses.

Completely In The Canal (CIC) Invisible Aids

These aids are contained in a tiny case that fits partly or completely into the ear canal. They are the smallest aids available and offer some cosmetic and listening advantages.

In the Ear (ITE)

ITE aids are worn in the ear canal and are usually custom-fit, based on an impression that is taken by your hearing care professional at the time of your hearing aid consultation.

In The Canal (ITC)

ITC hearing aids sit in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl, making them comfortable and easy to use. Because they’re slightly larger than IIC and CIC styles, they tend to have a slightly longer battery life and can fit a wider range of hearing losses.

Ear Moulds & Swimmers Ear Plugs

Helps block out water and help prevent swimmer's ear (otitis externa) infections and surfer's ear (exostosis).

Hearing aid models

"Enhance your performance with Signia hearing aids

Signia Active Pro

Take your performance to the next level

CROS Pure 312 X

CROS Pure 312 X provides fully featured Bluetooth connectivity for maximum enjoyment of music, calls and TV.

Pure 10 Nx

Clear sound and excellent speech .

"Enhance your performance with Signia hearing aids

Styletto AX

Its more than just a hearing aid - It's your complete hearing experience

Motion X

Small rechargeable behind-the-ear devices which are easy to use and comfortable to wear

Insio Charge&Go AX

Rechargeable hearing aids offering brilliant hearing discreetly custom-made

Silk X

The ready-to-wear CIC. Delivers clear speech understanding in an ultra-discreet size with instant fit.


The versatile rechargeable hearing aids

BTE 312

Elegant, powerful, and easy to use.

RIC 10

The durable Widex Moment RIC 10


CIC sits in your ear instead of behind your ear.

Delivers the most pure, natural sound ever

BTE 13 D

Discreet and powerful. Widex Moment BTE


The smallest hearing aid.Widex Moment mRIC R D.

RIC 312 D

Receiver-in-canal hearing aid (RIC)

CIC Micro

Discreet hearing aid from Widex moment


Widex Moment XP In-the-ear (ITE) is a

Evoke RIC 10

Combined with elegant design with durability.

Evoke BTE 13 D

Intelligent hearing with long battery life

Evoke Fashion Power

More sounds no matter where you are.

Evoke CIC Micro

Ability to learn from the hearing experiences of every user.

The world's first smart hearing aid

Evoke Fusion

Analyses your sound environment and reacts to changes.

Evoke Fashion Mini

Natural, effortless hearing today and every day

Evoke RIC 312 D

Ability to learn from the hearing experiences of every user

Evoke Fashion

Analyses your sound environment and reacts to changes

Evoke CIC

Natural, effortless hearing today and every day.

Evoke XP

Analyses your sound environment and reacts to changes.

Unique Fashion Power

If you have a severe hearing loss, hearing aid is a must. With FASHION POWER you get that as well as the great sound quality

Unique CIC

Do you desire a discreet hearing aid? Our CIC and CIC MICRO hearing aids are among the smallest you will find.


Unique Fashion

Elegant yet powerful - FASHION offers you the power of a conventional hearing aid and the discretion of the smaller models.

Unique Fashion Mini

The FASHION MINI model gives you the best of both worlds – incredible UNIQUE sound in a compact, comfortable and attractive behind-the-ear model.

Unique XP

The perfect solution for those who prefer power and easy functionality


A hands-free device for streaming high-quality sound from any mobile phone to hearing aids.


Improved TV listening without echo or delay.

Widex hearing aid accessories help make your life easier.


Compact remote control for charging programs and volume.


Stream TV sound directly to your hearing aid through TV-DEX.

Perfect Dry Lux

Dry and sanitize your hearing aids in just 45 minutes to keep hearing aid performance at its best

Why Care Plus Audiology?

Our commitment is to provide quality affordable Speech and Hearing speciality service to our patients in a patient friendly atmosphere. Care Plus is the only approved WIDEX official dealer and digital hearing aid fitting centre in Telicherry.

Frequently asked questions

Hearing loss usually develop slowly and is difficult for a person to identify a hearing loss. Initially a person will find it difficult to accept a hearing loss, but it is not possible to hide your hearing loss. An Audiologist would be the right person to identify the severity of hearing loss and to let you know when you should be using your hearing aid.

Hearing aids should be purchased only from a qualified and licensed professional and from an authorized centre. Care Plus Audiology & WidexHearing Care is an authorized Widex hearing aid fitting centre with a well trained and qualified audiologist. Hearing aid has a complex circuitry and needs to be programmed according to each persons hearing loss and unique life style. So professional fitting and fine tuning is very important as it is an investment for life time.

Each person’s ear and hearing is unique like his life style. So a hearing aid which will suite your hearing loss will not work for another person with same or different hearing loss. So it is not advisable to compare the performance of another person’s hearing aid to yours.

Unfortunately, hearing aids do not cure your hearing loss. Hearing aids will improve your hearing by amplifying sounds around you according to your hearing impairment and prevents auditory deprivation.

Hearing aids can be kept invisible inside the ear like completely in the canal (CIC) or it can be in the canal (ITC), behind the ear (BTE) or can be kept at body level called pocket type hearing aid. A new category of hearing aids called Receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aids keeps the ear open, discretely sits behind the ear and can be used for most types and severity of hearing loss.

Hearing aid technology has improved dramatically over the last few years making the sounds clearer and reducing unwanted noise around you. Microchips are used inside the hearing aid which processes the incoming sounds and these can even store the usage data inside the hearing aid making it possible to give individual specific adjustment for better hearing.

If you have hearing loss in both ears it is better to use two hearing aids. It helps in locating the sounds, works better in noisy areas and gives stereo effect for the sounds.

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